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Title: Another Dimension
Artists: Bin Yi, Huang Junhong, Zou Jibiao, Lu Dongjie, Sun Hui, Zhu Wenlan
Organizer: Sun Hui
Gallery Director: Luo Fei
Essay: Xue Tao
Graphic Design: Duan Yunhao
Opening: 2018-5-5  19:30
Duration: 2018-5-5~2018-6-9
Add: TCG Nordica Culture Center, 101# Xiba Road, Xishan District, Kunming
Tel: 0871-64114691


About “Another Dimension”

After so many years of painting, I realize that the era of painting has gone!
The art training industry nowadays is increasing in quality and structure. Nevertheless, the number of painters are decreasing. It seems art is marginalized. However, when I step into an art museum such as Louvre and Metropolitan Museum of Art or just sit silently on the bench in a library, art becomes an intimate friend accompany with me. The magic power of art is like air all around. It is imperceptible but does exist. There will always be someone getting together and talking about painting or sculpture at night, regardless of the earth rotating indifferently from day to day. Crowd comes and goes in museums in Shanghai and Beijing, and Works have been opened to the public and market for a long time, but the creation process of works is private. Painters always have their own view to the world and their modes of observation and thinking processes are different with others. It is just like the strings in canvas. Sometimes they interweave with each other occasionally and sometimes separate, which reflects the unification of difference and harmony.
The essay is written for the group exhibition on 5th May.

Sun Hui


The greatest achievement of the contemporary art practice in China over the past thirty years must be the expression of the essential power from artists. The essential power stems from exhibitions and activities which are organized spontaneously. That means artists’ self-organization is much more significant and contributory than their art creations. It is understandable because there is few world-class masters in the area of contemporary art of China during last thirty years, but the energy of Chinese artists’ self-organization since 85 culture movement must be an indispensable part of the world’s contemporary art practice. In a sense, self-organization is the beginning of Chinese artists’ independent thinking and action.
Artists’ self-organization has a history of more than thirty years in Yunnan. Mao Xuhui, Zhang Xiaogang and other artists initiated and implemented an exhibition tour which called “New Figuration” in 1985 and 1986 and founded “Art Research Group of Southwest China”. During 1994 to 2010, the “Hong Xin Club”, organized by Xue Tao, He Libin, and other artists, had been holding national exhibition activities for 16 years. Ye Yongqing established “Shang He Hall” in Kunming in 1999, and he also established “Chuang Ku” in Kunming with Tang Zhigang and other artists in 2001. In 2005 and 2006, Xiang Weixing, Luo Fei and other artists initiated a project called “Jiang Hu”. In 2006, Lan Qingxing, Tao Jin, Xue Tao and other artists initiated “One-Volume Edition Artist Book Project”, which last until now. In 2009, He Libin and other artists initiated a live art festival called “Obove the Clouds”, which also last until now. From 2009 to 2011, Sun Guojuan, Lei Yan and other artists initiated a female art exhibition called “The Four Seasons”. And in 2014, Zhao Leiming, Xue Tao, Luo Fei and other artists initiated “Art Cycling”. These events are all initiated and implemented by local artists in Yunnan and completely come out of the original motivation for survival and passion for art. Although some activities seem a little bit rough, but it is rough that enriches the imagination of artists in Yunnan, props up their eternal vitality and proves the independent thinking of Yunnan contemporary art.
Sun Hui, an artist who was born in 1985, comes from Datong, Shanxi. He has studied and lived in Kunming for years, which makes him to be one of the artists in Yunnan art environment. Although he has studied and worked in Kunming for nine years, but as an artist born in 80s. he spends most of his time creating in a relatively closed studio and has a few connections with the outside world. In the beginning of this year, he came up with a strange idea. He planned to hold a group exhibition of the generation born in 80s and 90s. It is an exhibition without any sponsor or commercial support, but completely a self-fundraising and self-organized one, which totally belongs to themselves. In this fully commercialized era, it is silly to hold an art activity only in an instinctive urge and without any sponsor or commercial support. However, what makes art valuable is abandoning the value and judgement of successful and vulgar sociology, and instead practicing the inherent original impulse, doing things that is insignificance in others’ eyes. Although this kind of impulse has no practical significance, but it is only this impulse that can escape from the exquisite egoism and can really feel the texture of life.
In this group exhibition organized by Sun Hui, there are six artists, including Bin Yi, Huang Junhong, Zou Jibiao, Lu Dongjie, Sunhui and Zhu Wenlan. Although their works are quite different from contemporary art since they still try hard to complete a masterpiece, but the meaning of their self-organization is much more important than their works. It conveys the native spirit of Yunnan contemporary art. All through the ages, the Yunnan contemporary art has been staying far away from the system and commerce to survive. If the contemporary art must rely on a system to survive, it