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Artists Roles/Artists Rules II – China/Sweden Art Exchange Project (Station Kunming)

Initiators: Madeleine Aleman, Luo Fei

Curator: Luo Fei

Executive Curator: Wang Bei

Chinese Artists: Lei Yan, Luo Fei, Zi Bai, Xue Tao

Swedish Artists: Rikard Fåhraeus, Madeleine Aleman, Jannike Brantås, Ylva Landoff Lindberg

Opening: 20:00, Sep 9th, 2017

Performances on the opening by: Jannike Brantås and Madeleine Aleman

Exhibition Duration: 11:00-21:00, Sep 9th to Oct 8th, 2017, Sundays Closed

Host by: TCG Nordica

In cooperate with Studio 44 (Stockholm), City College of Kunming University of Science and Technology

Artist Talk:

Artists: Luo Fei, Madeleine Aleman, Rikard Fåhraeus, Jannike Brantås

Time: 7pm, Sep 7th, 2017

Location: Lecture Hall, City College of Kunming University of Science and Technology

About Artists Roles/Artists Rules

Artists Roles / Artists Rules is an exhibition on the artist’s mission, responsibility, duty and position in society- sometimes enforced, sometimes self-imposed. Each artist has worked individually from a personal standpoint on an individual basis as well as with the vision of how things ideally could be.

The origins of the project is the desire to explore and discuss the differences as well as the similarities in working conditions for artists in China and Sweden.

We have a desire to, through this exchange, as artists achieve greater awareness of each others lives and our respective communities.

The only common language for the participants in this project have been the imagery. The language barrier made written communication sparse and poor. Initially, we have communicated through short videos on a chat forum, a channel open and possible in a Chinese – Swedish communication. It has given us the opportunity to learn from each others. These videos have then been merged into a joint work on show in the gallery.

The exhibition features the collaborative video as well as individual video works, installations, collages, photographic works, drawings and documentation of performances.

The project part one has been hold at Studio 44 in Stockholm last Aug  and Sep, now ready to present the project part two at TCG Nordica, the 9th of Sep, 8pm, welcome!

Artists Roles/Rules Part I at Studio 44 in Stockholm, 2016

opening performance “am I a refugee?” by Luo Fei, Studio 44, Stockholm, 2016 (photo by Anna-Britta Sandberg)


Ylva Landoff Lindberg’s works

Jannike Brantås installation

drawing by Madeleine Aleman

Rikard Fåhraeus works

[AiR] Open Studio- Samuel Nilsson Mon, 07 Aug 2017 07:12:57 +0000

Samuel Nilsson

I am currently working as an artist and as a teacher in art. I want to express my personal artistry
in combination with a pedagogy that concerns visual culture.

2010 – 2015 Master of Science in Education, Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm
2008 – 2010 Gerlesborg Scool of Fine Art, Stockholm
2009 – 2010 Literary Studies (30) Linnaeus University, Kalmar
2005 – 2006 Pedogogy Studies (30) Linköping University, Linköping
2001 – 2002 Lunnevads folkhögskola (Fine Art department), Linköping

2015 – 2017 Art Teacher, Kumla Junior high school, Stockholm
2014 – 2016 Teacher in Creativity, Ågesta folk high-school, Stockholm
2012 – 2014 Art Teacher, Tensta high school, Stockhom

2009 Liljessonska, foundation schoolarship, Motala

2015 What do Morphs Want? Group exibition at Konstack, Stockholm
2015 A Diamond is Forever, Group exhibition at Konstfack, Stockholm
2010 Social Construct, Group exibision at Gerlesborg, Stockholm
2011 A pyramid of sound, a sound installation with project Self I Sound Ö Gård, Mjölby
2002 A Study of colour, Group exhibition at Gallery Lunnevad, Linköping

Samuel Nilsson painting, Kunming, Oil on canvas

Samuel Nilsson painting, Kunming, Oil on canvas

Samuel Nilsson painting, Kunming, Oil on canvas

Pictures from Open Day

LOST AND FOUND Thu, 22 Jun 2017 11:08:27 +0000

Music and dance Drama

Three famous musicians who have been doing music more than 20 years  – Li Jiazheng, Wang Jianyun, Zeng Xiaogang, is committed to improvisation music, intended to feel the moment. Three dancers – Luo Yanjin, Li Guangliang, Chen Jia, they always dancing from the heart of the natural show of feelings, with the body dancing out of the real.

By the Norwegian AREOPAGOS institutions and the Swedish HYLLIE PARK People’s College invited and support, Those musicians and dancers just ended Denmark, Norway and Sweden tour .with the understanding of LOST AND FOUND, musicians will perform with Guqin, Bell, Sur, Li Luqin and other world music instruments, and three dancers’ deep meaning of the interpretation will be express by world music. which is quiet, distant and full of tension.
Each of us continues to grow, has its own life trajectory, and when life has an involuntary change, we always lost. So,looking for the voice of the heart, is the main purpose to guide our direction.
These voices is the voice of life, which is full of happiness, but also exposed the voice of life.
We are looking for the voice of the life , But also Lost in the world that we are pursuit. Then we need relying on this voice to find the direction once again.

Because of the search and into the world, because of the world and confused, due to change and confused, in fact, as long as you have been able to hear this sound, we will be able to find the way home.
Home is not in the far away place, but where you believe.
Home is in your heart where you feel warm and calm.
Denmark, The red sky warm the musicians and dancers heart


Born into a musical family. Began studying violin and piano with parents at age 4.
1997,admitted into the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music.
1998, formed the first jazz trio in Yunnan “Gene.”
2003, traveled to Vienna to study jazz piano and composition (direction of major: film score).
2011, invited to attend the Master Class in Composition at the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy.
2013,formed the jazz trio “ShengQiaoMing Trio,” invited to perform at the Beijing 9 Gates International Jazz Music Festival.
2015, studied shakuhachi atthe Tozanryu Shakuhachi Foundation in Osaka, Japan;
2016, began performing ambient music.
Instruments: Shakuhachi,lyre, Nara flute, Native American flute, singing bowl, piano
Zeng Xiaogang  is interested in the diversity of world instruments and world ethnic music, specializes in the Guqin (seven-stringed Chinese zither). graduated from the Academy of Music at the University of Gothenburg with amajor in World Music. Currently resides in Sweden.Zeng Xiaogang places the Guqin in its own pure, definitive realm. He takes a balanced path that harmoniously integrates the intention of the music, the essence of the instrument, and the true nature of the musician. It is a path of devotion that continually explores the aesthetics of the Guqin. The instrument acts as amirror to reflect the breadth of life: joy and pain, the perfect and the flawed. Being with the instrument is an encounter with the self; playing the instrument is a process of embracing the essence and letting go of the rest.The string must be one with the finger, the finger must be one with the music,and the music must be one with the intention – though many have expounded onthe importance of this the oretical approach, few have truly understood the essence of the message. Zeng lives his life as a journey through music; as aresult, all the stages of his life have thus culminated into the musical nature that he embodies today.
Independent musician.Born in Yunnan, studied classical music (cello) since an early age.
Promoting the return to a peaceful and respect relationship between human and nature.
Long-term explorer in diverse fields of world cultures and music. Focused on collecting field recordings and concurrently, developing own creative process; specializesin creating handmade world instruments and inventing new instruments; dedicated towards the discovery of sounds and live improvisational music. Collaborated with members of different artistic fields. From 2007-2015, produced andpublished various musical works, including solo albums”Door”and”Growth.”

 Luo Yanjin
Has graduated from the Chinese Art University, Majoring in Chinese Dance Professional, Then was studied in Yunnan Art Academy Dance Director Professional, 2013 She was recommended by TCG Nordica to Denmark Ollerup International College to learn modern dance, Got international coach qualification certificate, during the school she was “the most Good dancers “awards. she joined many International Dance Festival. Three choreography and participating in TCG Nordica CCAM Nordic tour project.
Li Guangliang
Li Guangliang’s dance steps revealing handsome self-expression, his dynamic and rhythm very appealing. Good at Chinese dance, jazz, HIP HOP and contemporary dance, Now he is the incumbent artist of the Shenzhen Performing Arts Company, he was invited to join Europe for art exchange performance many times, with the Nordic famous artists on the same stage and get the audience and the artists love. This time, on behalf of TCG Nordica to participate in CCAM Nordic tour.
Chen Jia
Chen jia has been blessed by the dance, but also hope that through the dance to bless more people. Good at Power Jazz, Hip-Hop Jazz, Lriycal hiphop, Contemporary, Urban Dance and Chinese classical dance. Under the tutelage of Koharu Sugawara (internationally renowned choreography), Huang Xiao. she was invited to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and other countries for dance exchange and  learning performance. Has served as the Yunnan Academy of Arts Dance School jazz dance teacher; incumbent TCG Nordica LC Dancer studio Manager, got the Sports General Administration jazz dance coach qualification certificate.

日期/Time :2017/6/25   20:00
预售电话/Tel :0871-64114691
票价/Ticket :
预售/Presale—- 120 RMB / Person
现场/At Door —- 150 RMB / Person
学生/ Student —- 100 RMB / Person
儿童/Kid —- 60 RMB / Person( 6-12 y/o)
微店/WeChat: tcgnordica
地址/Add :昆明市西坝路101号TCG诺地卡文化中心
TCG Nordica Culture Center,Chuangku,Xiba Road NO.101.Kunming.

Descending Movements Wed, 21 Jun 2017 10:38:18 +0000

Descending movements
Artist: Sveinung Rudjord Unneland / Norway
Author: Andreas Vermehren Holm / Denmark
Opening: 2017-6-24, 15:30
Duration: 2017-6-24——2017-7-1
Address: TCG Nordica, Xiba Road 101#, Xi Shan District , Kunming

Visual artist Sveinung Rudjord Unneland and writer Andreas Vermehren Holm presents Descending movements, a collaborative artwork elaborating on the Anthropocene, bodily degradation and creaturely worth. The exhibition contains both photographic images, drawing material, sculptural work, installations and written text. The exhibition is commissioned by TCG Nordica and produced in Kunming, June 2017.
Opening: 2017-6-24,15:30

Exhibition site at TCG Nordica:

Andreas Vermehren Holm, Wang Bei, Sveinung Rudjord Unneland and Luo Fei

On the artist

Sveinung Rudjord Unneland (born 1981) is a norwegian artist based in Bergen, Norway. His work is usually concerned with questions of how artworks inhabit the space in which they are presented, and how they are shaped in and by this concrete dialogue. He often lets specific situations, such as geographical conditions or restrictions imposed by architecture or social context, play a vital role in developing the work.
At the centre of Sveinung Rudjord Unnelands artistic creation lies the practice of painting. From this point of departure he ventures into a wide range of experiments with materials, forms, volumes and artistic strategies. Central to the methodology of the work is the combination of sculptural elements, video installations, and graphical works, that all together develops a tension between the different elements put into play. Sveinung Rudjord Unneland holds his BA and MA degree from the Academy of Arts at the University in Bergen and from 2007. He has presented his artworks mostly in Norway at LNM, Entrée, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Lautom Contemporary, Kunstnerforbundet, Tag Team Studio, Kristiansand Kunsthall, Waterside Contemporary, Høstutstillingen and KODE.

Pictures from the exhibition “U.T – Self-portrait as a dummy”, at Entree, Norway, 2012

Pictures from “Palinka Pastorale” HKS, Norway, 2010

On the author

Andreas Vermehren Holm (born 1988) is a danish author, translator and editor based in
Copenhagen, Denmark. He has published several volumes of poetry in which he elaborates on
cultural evolution, the anthropocene and creaturely poetics. In his work creation is composed of a lowering of oneself, identifying with affliction and powerlessness rather than strength and omnipotence. In this perspective the gift of our wounds are the very tools we need in order to relate to the beings that continuously refuse to serve as ends. Vulnerability and creaturely indebtedness serves as tools capable of withstanding any dry theorisation about the hopelessness of the world.
Andreas Vermehren Holm holds his MA and Diploma in Literary Composition, Poetry and
Prose, from the Art Academy of Gothenburg, Sweden. Visit:

Pictures of Andreas Vermehren Holm’s works, 2016

On the collaboration

In 2016 Sveinung Rudjord Unneland and Andreas Vermehren Holm co-published The Darkening on Lord Jim Publishing in Norway. The book was based on Sveinung Rudjord Unnelands major exhibition Neo Compressions and a shared visit to Greece in january 2016, documenting the democratic center of Athens, Syntagma Square, in relation to the vast number of human refugees in Europe 2016. The Darkening tackled questions of receptivity and creaturely worth, striving towards an ontological subversion where the desperate situation of the refugees in Europe and the middleaast was transformed into a unique opportunity for the west to face the crisis of their own helplessness and to care for this fundamental condition in a conscious way.
They further developed this collaboration in Tag Team Studio in Bergen, Norway, november
2016, where Sveinung Rudjord Unneland reconstructed Syntagma Square in the gallery space, stacked and disrupted, and combined it with elements of text by Andreas Vermehren Holm that tackled questions of unbearable unreality, dizziness and emotional distance.
In this work, Descending movements, they further develop fundamental questions on bodily creatures as an integrate part of nature; on certain bodies that constitutes the ‘burning class’ of society; the inherent limits of change and what to do with them. What is the relationship between our bodies and the world? Should we change it? Can we change it? In order to answer these questions, we must necessarily turn to something other than ourselves.

Pictures from the exhibition “Neo-compressions” at Kristiansand Kunsthall, Norway, 2016

[AiR] Lauren Redican Thu, 15 Jun 2017 06:43:28 +0000

Lauren Redican

New Zealand visual artist who works in a range of different mediums: drawing, video, sculpture,
philosophical poetry, photography, and art publications. Her work is often conceptually driven with attention to formal details. Her practice involves research, experimentation and play.
She from April to June residence in TCG Nordica and do research and practice in here.


TCG Nordica: You have been living in New Zealand to Kunming for two months now. Can you talk about how it feels to live here?
Lauren Redican :
Kunming has been a really interesting city to get to know. It has a great vibe – a strange mix of being quite laid back and relaxed, while also somehow chaotic and spontaneous. Every day has been an adventure!

TCG Nordica: And what about the Kunming art scene?
Lauren Redican :
Although I’m beginning to understand aspects of the art scene here, I am still very much like a guest. Two months is such a short time really.
The art scene here is rather dispersed, and faceted. The painting scene is dominant – a primary medium within tertiary art-education here. Traditional practices like calligraphy, woodblock printing and ceramics also play a prominent role. I’ve experienced a small yet impassioned performance art scene during my months here (although this type of creative practice isn’t supported/taught by formal institutions and universities, artists such as He Libin and Luo Fei have worked over the years to develop and cultivate this kind of work amongst younger artists).

TCG Nordica: In New Zealand, aside from doing art you also have a formal job. How do you balance art and paying the bills?
Lauren Redican:
It’s always a juggling act! Since finishing my MFA, I’ve tried to only work part time – primarily working for a residency programme run by Massey University (Te Whare Hēra Wellington International Artist Residency), but also teaching. I make sure to have time each week for concentrating on my own creative practice, either producing new work or writing out proposals and applications.

TCG Nordica: Nowadays, artist in residence programmes are popular all over the world. What do you think the significance of this is?
Lauren Redican :
There are different reasons that contribute to a need to uproot yourself from your normal environment; education, experimentation, developing new relationships. Sometimes seeking to be challenged, sometimes to challenge, to get lost, to experiment, to fail.
I think the best programmes are those that allow for enough time to understand and connect, to get inspired and to change one’s mind.
There are certainly different ways to approach being an artist in residence, different positions you can take. At the beginning of a residency, there is always the question “what is the role of the artist?” and “what strategy should be employed?”
In my experience, undertaking a residency always brings about certain kinds of thoughts. You’re a guest, first and foremost – and this is often something that has to be carefully negotiated. A residency is a crossing of thresholds both physically and also mentally. I find myself thinking about language, mobility, temporary homes (hotels, motels), the dynamics of guest and host relationships, the 30 or so kilograms of luggage you’re able to bring with you: a finite number of pants, shoes, shirts, hats.
Sometimes it’s hard to overlook these conditions. It often becomes part of the work in itself.

TCG Nordica: What is the most attractive thing for you about Kunming?
Lauren Redican:
One of best things has been meeting some really interesting people; from around China, as well as places like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Bangladesh, USA.

TCG Nordica: Please talk about the works and ideas you’ve made in Kunming.
Lauren Redican:
My time in Kunming is the initial stage of a larger 7-month project based in China. After Kunming I will travel to Beijing, and then Chongqing. I’ll have a solo exhibition at Organhaus gallery in October.
I wanted to use my time here in Kunming to absorb and learn a bit about my new context. I’ve read a lot, and made a lot of drawings, photographs and writings. Most recently have been working with a Chinese ceramicist in a nearby suburb.
My time here in Kunming came with no expectation to produce a set body of work, and I’m really lucky to be able to have used this time to explore in an organic way. This flexibility, or “a time without quality”, has allowed me time to immerse myself in research and explore new practices.
Many people don’t speak English in Kunming, so from the get-go it became evident that language would be an important aspect of my experience – not only in my everyday life, but also in my work. I actually came to China with a pretty solid idea about what I wanted to do with my time here, but within the first few weeks I realised how much ideas around language and communication (and miscommunication) were having an impact my work and thinking.
I’ve dedicated a lot of time to learning Chinese, which has allowed me to speak to a range of different people within the city. This has been one of the hardest yet also the most rewarding aspects of the past months. Life has become so strangely poetic! It’s been extremely difficult yet interesting having such a limited range of communicative capabilities. For instance, when you know the word for ‘bowl’ but not ‘bucket’ – you just have to make do.
Every day I’ve been writing a text-piece in Chinese, and this routine is a really interesting process – trying to express myself with such a limited set of possibilities. I’m often trying to say something specific, and going about it in a really roundabout way, or find myself mid-sentence changing tactics altogether.
One of my favourite writers Avital Ronell, writes about the body in pain. She says that when the body is working well, and functioning properly, it is kind of rendered invisible. You aren’t really aware that you have a body until it’s not functioning properly.. then it’s like – oh I’m so aware of having a body right now.
I’ve thought about this a lot. And I think that this is really relevant in relation to language. You become so aware of language (spoken or written and also – body language) when you can’t understand it.

Lauren Redican, Work in progress,lines from people I meet,Kunming,2017

Lauren edican, Visitor work in progress, Kunming, 2017

Lauren Redican, Work in progress, Daily texts 18, Kunming

Lauren Redican, Work in progress, Daily texts 9, Kunming

Wake Up Dreaming— Bai Xuejuan Fri, 09 Jun 2017 08:50:40 +0000
Wake Up Dreaming— Bai Xuejuan

Curator: Wang Bei
Art Director: Luo Fei
Academic Host :Sun Guojuan

Opening:2017-5-27 20:00
Duration : 2017-5-27 ——2017-6-17
Address: TCG Nordica, Xiba Road 101#, Kunming

Forest NO.12 Oil on canvas 80×60cm 2016

Handmade variable size

Forest Oil on canvas 73×60cm 2016

Painting Makes the Soul Visible (excerpt)

By Luo Fei
On a number of palm sized notebooks, a great many variety of colorful patterns filled the pages. There appear to be some traces of natural growth. One of the covers reads: I’m afraid of waking up, for the dream would be gone. The one who didn’t want to wake up from her dream is Bai Xuejuan, a painter from Yunnan and is now living in Gejiu, a small city in southern China only about 200 kilometers away from Vietnam. She’s a high school teacher there. However, she’s been painting about Nordic islands in recent years: places where human beings are few, forests deep, and iced rivers flowing.
This is due to the residence program that Bai joined in the Nordic Watercolor Museum between February and April 2011 in Sweden. For this three months program on Tjörn, she witnessed how the ice melted in Scandinavia, and the rigid winter changed to the warm early spring. She spent these whole three months in her cabin next to the Pacific. Two diaries were jotted down and countless watercolors painted. And only a few new friends visited her occasionally. The minimalism manifested naturally around her in Northern Europe began to fascinate her. Even back to the mountains of Yunnan, those images related to the Tjörn kept coming back to appear on her paintings. I can feel the characteristic transparency unique to the Nordic in both her watercolors and oil paintings, light and thin, loose and soft. The free-flowing in her paintings is reminiscent of Edvard Munch. Just that one doesn’t sense the desperate darkness, but the bright and poetic flowing.
For Bai Xuejuan, cultural collision and blending are external and concrete, and she does not study art as a cultural matter. When it comes to art, by following the experience deep inside of her heart, she’s been continuously recording like diaries the trajectory of her inner feedback on life, surroundings and her own feelings. She captured in her paintings those moments like cruising the sea, walking in the night or strolling aimlessly. Those are the times that the burden of reality was kept at a distance, and the ones for thoughts and drifting away. To drift is both for the soul to breathe and to escape.
Rather than delving into the texture of a particular piece of leaves or a stone on the ground, Bai does not regard the world as a stable substance, but a series of flowing, breathable and free forms. Going up and down, they are plain and simple, yet grow like a poetry. They are as free as if one falls into a trance. At this very moment, painting makes the soul visible.

Cruise Diary watercolor on paper 10×10cm

Falling in Love with Painting

– by Sun Guojuan

It was about two or three years ago that I saw Bai Xuejuan’s paintings for the first time, and I’ve been deeply impressed by her talent since. It seems that she has never had any problem to paint or to express herself. Her color is unusually elegant, she always paints with thin oil and light color. The objects we see in her works are no longer those in real life, they are images filtered by her heart. Her paintings are both warm, mild like the ink paintings and free, unrestrained like the oil paintings. Bai’s paintings are mostly landscapes, some are desolate, cold wildernesses with the wind blowing through, and others about being alone, and one can easily perceive the loneliness in life. At the same time, she is fascinated by anything around her, be it a window or a chair. More often than not how I would like to live in those beautiful places she painted. They are the ones people are yearning for, where they can dream and rest.
In retrospect, looking at those paintings that Bai has created from the time she graduated from the University, in a short period of six or seven years, the buildup and progress in her works could really make people like myself feel ashamed and jealous. Looking at her paintings, I always wanted to go and see how she did them. I am so curious that how a painter – who has been pushed forward by passion and the desire to expression – could work wonders as these. If you have chance to appreciate the works of Bai after her graduation till now, you will find out that paintings have taken a big part of time in her life, and of course you can tell that painting has always been the love she’s faithful to.
Female artists are the ones I’ve come to spend a lot time with. In my eyes there is always the beauty in them that is so clean and pure, and the aura over their heads so flickering like the flowers bestowed by the Heaven.

Landscape NO.112 50×28cm Watercolor on paper

Mime masters Carlos Martínez China tour Kunming station Tue, 16 May 2017 10:30:17 +0000    

    TCG Nordica’s old friend the Spanish mime master Carlos Martínez will give Kunming the last station show of his China Tour at 5.20.2017 in Kunming Theater. After that he will stay in Kunming one more week, together with TCG Nordica he will have Master WorkShop. Collage Students and Kunming mime fans will have wonderful time.

Carlos Martínez  was born the 30th September, 1955 in Pravia (Asturias), Spain.

At the age of 12, he moved to Barcelona and soon discovered his love for the dramatic arts while working in neighbourhood theatre. He attended the pantomime school Taller de Mimo y Teatro Contemporáneo (1980), the performing arts school – El Timbal (1981) and studied under professors such as Manuel Carlos Lillo and Jorge Vera (1982 – 1987).

 From 1982 onwards, Carlos Martínez has worked professionally as a mime actor creating a world of gestures that combines his Mediterranean spirit and humour with precise technique and rhythm.

This very personal language has proved to be universal and has given him the freedom to perform not only throughout Spain but in the rest of Europe – Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden and the Ukraine – Africa, Asia, North America and South America.

Maintaining a rigorous performing schedule, Carlos Martínez has taken his imaginative silence to Arts Festivals (St Wenceslas in Prague, Nuorten Kesä in Finland), Conferences (Amsterdam 2000, Mission in Holland), Conventions (Rotary Club in the USA), Embassies, Performing Arts Festivals (Mime Champagne and Mim D’Or in France, Almada Theatre Festival and TeatroAgosto in Portugal, Mindelact Drama Festival in Cape Verde), Television (BBC, TVE, TV3, ZDF), Theatres (Byzantine Music Theatre in Thessaloniki, Deutsches Theater in Berlin, Kuppersaal and Kunstlerhaus in Hannover, National Theatre in Riga, Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, Theaterhaus in Stuttgart, ) and Trade Shows (Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany; Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain; Rockwell in Madrid).

 He is constantly moving the boundaries of silence, working on new pieces for his own shows and commissioned work for special events.

 Hand Made, a compilation of his most emblematic pieces, has become a genuine mark of identity.

 Carlos Martínez has developed shows such as Books without Words, Silent Night, performed in ensemble with his best students, PianOmime, with the German pianist-composer, Johannes Nitsch. To commemorate his 25th stage anniversary, Carlos Martínez presented his show, Time to Celebrate.

 In 2012, another jubilee year, he toured with Mirage, inspired by the discussion around climate change and water shortage. The show is also a homage to his craft, all mime is mirage, creating life from gesture. His programme Books without Words was the audience choice at the 2009 Teatro Agosto summer festival in Fundão, Portugal and Hand Made received the prize of honour at the 2004 edition of the Almada Theatre Festival, Portugal.

 While Carlos Martínez continues to explore the intimate world of silence, he has never abandoned his first love, theatre.

He has toured extensively in Europe with the Zahori theatre company presenting The Golden Rule/Learning by Doing – A Celebration of our Differences in an Open Europe.

This innovative project involved drama in adult education and was sponsored by the Socrates Fund of the European Union. Carlos Martínez has participated in the formation of various theatre groups and has taught mime and theatre in public schools, at the University of Zaragoza and at numerous international art seminars. He runs elite mime workshops, tutors advanced students, gives Master classes, and presents interactive seminars at top level corporate events.

 He has published four DVDs, Books without Words, Hand Made, two manuals on mime In Silence and Word of Mime and most recently, the hardcover book, From the Dressing Room.

America Jazz and Blues Saxphone: George T. Gregory Tue, 16 May 2017 09:53:42 +0000 The Blues is such a great style of music because it provides a vehicle to convey many emotions. I have hand picked some of my favorite blues numbers . as well as some classic jazz ballads and good old R&B tunes to get you up and movin. Hope you enjoy these and thank you for listening…

—- George T. Gregory

May 20, Saturday at 20:00, the United States jazz master George T. Gregory come back again to the TCG Nordica stage, He will let Kunming audience feel the America Jazz and passion by saxophone unique style . At the same time Mr. George will play the blues, the soul jazz and the New Orleans style rock. Welcome enjoy the saxophone with us at TCG Nordica.

American Jazz Master :George T. Gregory

George T. Gregory is a saxophonist and director of the San Francisco Bay N.A.R.A.S (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) sub-council. He has directed two Grammy Awards all-star band shows. George in 2006 released his new album “Love of Life”, which is available on Apple iTunes, Amazon and many website.

George and his band have been on performance tours in different places in the United States  and Canada. He was named the best musician for the”The James Cotton” of the Buddha Records blues album and was invited to attend the Monterey Jazz Festival and the San Francisco blues festival as a honored guest.

萨克斯风手/Saxophonist George T. Gregory
2017/5/20   20:00
门票/Ticket: 预售/Presale:80 RMB
                        现场/At Door:100 RMB
学生/Student:60 RMB
微店/WeChat store: tcgnordica (点击此处微店购票)
ADD:TCG Nordica Culture Center,Chuangku,Xiba Road NO.101.Kunming.


Jazz comes from the United States during the late 19th and early 20th century. Bornin the southern port city of New Orleans, Jazz’s foundation is Blues and Ragtime. Jazz is an exaggeration of improvisation. It is based on the Shuffle rhythm with swing characteristics and is a combination of African and European culture.

Romantic Era Concert | Love Story Wed, 10 May 2017 10:55:42 +0000 Love takes place in all our lives, it is as universal and natural as life and breathing. Anyone alive can speak of love in one way or another. But it is not always pleasant. Just as it can bring joy and fulfillment, it can also bring sorrow and anger. The pain brought through heart break is just as much a part of love as the happiness found in new relationships.

Love Story explores those emotions in the medium of instrumental and vocal music. Six performers from China and America have come together to present these songs hailing from both Eastern and Western traditions. A world-touring Chinese Instrumental group Zhao Manli,Sun Yuming, Zhou zhou will play Japanese pieces exemplifying the light and soaring happiness of a new relationship. Yunnan Normal University Pianist Wang Dong Yang will perform Schubert’s Grazer Fantasie, a powerful and emotional romantic piece.

American performers Michael Peng and Dr. John Friesen will present Schumann’s Dichterliebe, a song cycle. Dichterliebe is German for ‘love poem’, and traces the feelings of a man for the woman he loves, from the first meeting, to heartbreak, to sorrow, to forgiveness. The 16 song cycle present the very best of Schumann’s powerful vocal melodies and complex, emotive piano accompaniments.

2017/5/13   20:00
Presale  80 RMB / Person
At Door  100 RMB / Person
Kid 40 RMB / Person( 6-12 y/o)
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TCG Nordica Culture Center,Chuangku,Xiba Road NO.101.Kunming.

 About Musicians 

Piano: Wang Dongyang (China)

Wang Dongyang is the young piano teacher of the School of Dance and Music of Yunnan Normal University with a master degree. He is an lecturer and the member of the Central Committee of the Jiusan Society, Yunnan Musicians Association, Yunnan Piano Association, Yunnan Chorus Association, the committee, executive directorand deputy secretary-general of Shanghai Conservatory of Music Arts Examinations, the judge of Shanghai Conservatory of Music Entrance Examination sand the artistic director of Yunnan Yuandong Theater.

Er Hu: Zhao Manli (China)

Zhao Manli, National class players, working in the Yunnan Provincial Lantern Theater National Orchestra, good at playing erhu and folk musical instruments, won the CCTV National Instrumental Competition Best Performance Award,  Yunnan Youth actor competition second prize and other awards.

Pipa:Sun Yuming (China)

Sun Yuming, National class players, worked at the Yunnan Provincial Lantern Theater National Orchestra, good at playing pipa, national music and other musical instruments.

Cello: Zhou zhou (China)

Zhou Zhou, cellist, now working in the Yunnan Provincial Lantern Theater National Orchestra, has participated in several important performances, is a young and promising musicians.

Singer: Michael Peng (USA)

Michael Peng studied Vocal Performance in Boston University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He has also studied and practiced scenes with the Hungarian Opera and the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. Past roles include Don Giovanni, Antonio, Papageno, and various supporting roles. Michael has taught music and voice in Kunming for three years.

Piano: Dr.John Friesen (USA)

Dr.John Friesen was born in Minnesota, USA, graduated from the University of Nebraska. He is experienced in organ, also directed the choir. Dr. John came to Kunming in August 2015, study Chinese and work for Church in Kunming as a music guide.


GÅ I STÅ | Ester Haslund- Gjerrild’s Concert Wed, 10 May 2017 10:42:25 +0000 GÅ I STÅ

GÅ I STÅ is a danish saying that means when a clock or a person stops  moving. With this concert TCG Nordica will invite you all to take some time to “GÅ I STÅ” and think of where to go next!

Singer and songwriter: Ester Haslund- Gjerrild
Special guest: Rebekka Madsen
Time: 2017/5/12   20:00
Tel: 0871-64114691
Ticket: Presale: 30 RMB    At Door: 50 RMB
Wechat Store:   tcgnordica  (click to buy ticket online)
Add: TCG Nordica Culture Center,Chuangku,Xiba Road NO.101.Kunming

Singer and songwriter:Ester Haslund- Gjerrild (Denmark)

Ester Haslund- Gjerrild is from Denmark.This concert has the name “GÅ I STÅ” which is a danish saying that express when a clock or a person stops  moving. With this concert Ester Haslund- Gjerrild will invite you all to take some time to “GÅ I STÅ” and think of where to go next. This theme is one that she has been working with for about two years now, in a forest in Sweden and in a big city in China. These two very different circumstances has affected her music a lot, and throughout the concert you will probably hear the difference.

Special guest :Rebekka Madsen (Denmark)

Ester Haslund – Gjerrild is a singer and songwriter. All the music is written by herself and throughout the concert she will take time to explain the stories behind the songs. We also invited the special guest Rebekka Madsen who is from Denmark will accompany in some of the songs.

The money from the concert will go to a project in Trinity International Church Kunming, who is working with disabled with different disabilities. Three years ago they started a Saturday school where many disabled children come to learn and get help for their problems.
Now there is a need for a Day Centre where special needy children can come and get love, care and help from Monday to Friday. Some of these needy disabled children now stay at home alone while their parents are at work. Some of them need help with everything.

The church now wants to buy an apartment where 15 children in need of help can come during the week. I’ve been Lucky to be an art teacher every Saturday, and get to know these children very well, it is a really good project, and a hope that this concert can help a little in buying this apartment.

 Trinity International Church Kunming