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The Lonely Wanderer: Three Artists exhibition

Cui Yu, Ou Lingyi and Sun Hui are three post-80s artists graduated from Yunnan Arts University. Based on the similar ideas they share towards art and life, such as having interests in the small things and daily scenes around them, pursuing painting skill diligently, trying to express mental experience purely, painting to them is like self-modifying.

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Guqin Workshop

The history of Guqin, “seven-string horizontal harp”, can be traced back to three thousand years ago. It was also called “Qin” in many ancient Chinese literatures. It was a symbol of integrity and Chinese elite culture.


Easter Wandering

What is Easter all about and why do we celebrate Easter?Come and experience the story behind the Easter holiday in our Easter Wandering. We will travel through time and visit Jerusalem around year 30 A.D.We will meet disciples of the Master and listen to

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“Raising Hope”A Charity evening

This is a charity event including a photo exhibition and a concert by Swedish and Chinese artists to support the organization Josiah´s Covenant. The organization will receive all profit from the entrance fee and money raised

woman for woman 500xp

Women For Women

The purpose of the event is to celebrate the international women’s day by gather women to share their lives and experiences. We want to strengthen women and build up self-esteem and courage.We believe that every woman has a story worth telling and that we all share

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Art Essay


Her Poetic World and Passionate Mind: An Interview With Su Yabi

What intrigues me is the simple and flexible character of the wires. The thread is closely related with fragility, inability, fickleness in my world, but the metal wire is ductile, which can be hard or soft, straight or curved, adding the creativity of my works.

Artist in Residency


AiR: Wang Yuqing to Sweden

AiR: Wang Yuqing(Wang Qing) to Sweden Wang Yuqing(Wang Qing), Yunnan artist from China, she will works as an artist in residence in the Nordic Water Colour Museum’s studio from 1 Feb – 30 April, 2015. The West Götaland Region Scholarship to invite a Chinese artist to the Nordic Water Colour Museum outside Göteborg, Sweden, has been […]