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Art is easy: Anne Rolfsen and Hilmar Fredriksen’s Exhibition

TCG Nordica is proud to present the exhibition Art is easy made by the Norwegian artists Anne Rolfsen and Hilmar Fredriksen. Art is easy consists of a variety of different objects, installations, video animation, paintings, performances, etc. that all have that in common that they deal with geometry and the fascination of mysticism.

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Come Close

Come Closer

To let someone into your life you have to let them come close. Although that is often easier said than done. Come Closer is a performance that tells the story of two people getting to know each other. Through varied artforms such as music, drama


East Meets West: A Night of Music Celebrating Cultures

The Kunming Young Musicians Chamber Orchestra proudly presents, East Meets West: A Night of Music Celebrating Cultures. Together with the Kunming Nier Youth Orchestra, the Elementary Strings program and special guests

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David Braid Piano Recital

David Braid (born 1975) is a Canadian jazz pianist and composer. After graduating magna cum laude from the University of Toronto in 1998 he devoted himself to jazz. He formed the “David Braid Sextet” the following year. His album Vivid: The David Braid Sextet Live


Easter Wandering and Easter BBQ at TCG Nordica

What is Easter all about and why do we celebrate Easter?Come and experience the story behind the Easter holiday in our Easter Wandering. We will travel through time and visit Jerusalem around year 30 A.D. We will

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Artists in Rensidence


AiR: Hu Jun to Sweden

Hu Jun, Yunnan artist from China, he will works as an artist in residence in the Nordic Water Colour Museum’s studio from 10 Feb – 30 April, 2014. The West Götaland Region Scholarship to invite a Chinese artist to the Nordic Water Colour Museum outside Göteborg, Sweden