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Extraordinary Daily II: Xue Tao Solo Exhibition 2014

Xue Tao is to present his newspaper installation solo exhibition “Extraordinary Daily II” in his hometown – Yunnan. This Exhibition will focus on 14 representative works of Xue’s since 2007. It’s going to be his first installation art exhibition in Yunnan, testifying the ceaseless exploration in his artistic creation. Opening: 8 PM on July 11, 2014.

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Nordic Solace: Poem and Music

Nordic Solace is a recital of music for violin and guitar from Scandinavia, from Latin America and from the Baroque era in Europe, and in dialogue with poems by Tomas Tranströmer. Composed as an invitation to lift your eyes and let your shoulders down for a


Where There Be Dragons Charity Show

Nine USA interns from the Dragons have carefully choreographed solos, duets, instrumental music, jazz, ballet and so on more than 10 high quality programs based on their talent, and will invite children with autism into the

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TCG Nordica [Dance Project] Season Ⅸ

New program is added to the “Yumei Ballet” Basic Course. 19:00-20:20, Fridays! Miss Bei Honglin, a professional ballerina from the Guangzhou Ballet Troupe, joins in the the teaching staff to run a long-awaited Pointe


Mekanik Kantatik Electronic Music Concert

This year is the 50th anniversary of founding diplomatic relation between China and France. As a international culture center, TCG Nordica is proud to present a electronic music concert “Mekanik Kantatik”, by Nicolas Cante.

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Xue Tao Interview: Contemporary Art in Yunnan

You recently wrote a preface for an exhibition on post-70s Yunnan artists, using the term “non-stream” to describe them. You wrote, “Non-stream is a state that is neither mainstream nor non-mainstream, a state outside of the streams.

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