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LYDMOR Danish Electronic music

A young, shy girl enters a stage in Vienna and stand in front of 400 people. None of them knows her music, and she is all by herself on the stage-only accompanied by a computer, a keyboard and some electronic instruments

Fall concert SUPER

A Night With the Heroes

The Kunming Young Musicians Chamber Orchestra proudly presents, A Night with the Heroes. Be dazzled by the visual as well as auditory concert experience of film/video music from Captain America, How to Train Your Dragon, Star Trek, Final Fantasy, Pride and

Stage Events


Voice of America Classical Concert

They are planning to play all American solo repertoire including works by Bernstein, Redford, Joplin and Copland and so on. Dr. Beospflug would be happy to provide piano


Game Night

Come to Nordica on saturday and join us for a game night.
There will be a mix of Swedish and Chinese social games such as “Fruit-salad”, “Dance-stop” and Sha ren you xi. Bring your best game mood and have a laugh.

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Art Essay


Her Poetic World and Passionate Mind: An Interview With Su Yabi

What intrigues me is the simple and flexible character of the wires. The thread is closely related with fragility, inability, fickleness in my world, but the metal wire is ductile, which can be hard or soft, straight or curved, adding the creativity of my works.

Artist in Residency

Iain Bonner headshot2cropped

Australian artist Iain Bonner in Kunming

TCG Nordica are proud to announce Iain Bonner chosen for our residencies program from China Residencies. Iain Bonner arrived TCG Nordica on October 9th , he will work at here for 6 weeks. Iain Bonner (b. 1979) Iain is a filmmaker and video artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He received his Masters of Film from […]