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Sebastian Schunke “Berlin Quartet”

Since more than 12 years the Sebastian Schunke Group forms an energetic part of the international Jazz Scene. Sebastian Schunke is one of the young leading Jazz composers and pianists – world wide, based in Berlin. As


Spring Festival Fair

What does The Spring Festival remind you of? Is it about the delicious food, spending time with your family, acrobatics or Tanghulu, the candied fruit? You’ve seen the lovely paper cuttings, would you like to be instructed by a

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“Soundsylvania” Folk Music Duo

Soundsylvania is an American folk music duo, composed of Shane Palko and Evan Stout. Shane and Evan have been friends for years upon years, and are excited to travel the world together, sharing the music that they have been writing together. Palko has toured in over


Countdown you ready?

Welcome to TCG Nordica for our New Years Eve Celebration at Dec.31st.From 20:30 to midnight it will be games, music quiz and concerts.In the end of the night we will share memories from 2014

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Her Poetic World and Passionate Mind: An Interview With Su Yabi

What intrigues me is the simple and flexible character of the wires. The thread is closely related with fragility, inability, fickleness in my world, but the metal wire is ductile, which can be hard or soft, straight or curved, adding the creativity of my works.

Artist in Residency

Iain Bonner headshot2cropped

Australian artist Iain Bonner in Kunming

TCG Nordica are proud to announce Iain Bonner chosen for our residencies program from China Residencies. Iain Bonner arrived TCG Nordica on October 9th , he will work at here for 6 weeks. Iain Bonner (b. 1979) Iain is a filmmaker and video artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He received his Masters of Film from […]